Groundforce ensures handling of the first COVID-19 vaccines in Madeira

04 January 21
Groundforce covid

Groundforce was responsible for handling the 9750 doses of COVID-19 vaccine that arrived yesterday in the Madeira archipelago, on the TAP flight coming from Brussels.

The vaccines were received and handled by Groundforce Portugal on its arrival at Cristiano Ronaldo airport, following all safety, conservation and handling rules by the experienced hands of Groundforce Portugal employees in Funchal.

Refrigerated in ultra low temperature shipper containers containing dry ice to keep vaccines at a constant temperature of -70ºC, after being received at the Groundforce cargo terminal in Funchal, the vaccines, from manufacturer Pfizer, followed under strong safety measures in cars refrigerators for the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, located in the city center.

The 9750 doses of vaccine will be distributed to priority groups - workers of the National Health System and nursing homes - and its application started this morning.

Thus, Groundforce Portugal makes its contribution in the fight against the pandemic as a fundamental link in the vaccine transport and logistics chain that can mean the beginning of the end of this scourge.

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