Message from the CEO

The year 2018 was characterized by several achievements and challenges that marked Groundforce Portugal’s activity.

The good results are the consequence of the work of an aligned, well prepared team, focused on achieving the company's strategy, based on four important pillars: Integration, Agility, Transformation and Accountability.

The last few years have been marked by two important achievements: the renewal of the contract with our largest customer - TAP Portugal - and the full obtainment of access permits for ground handling in the baggage, cargo and airport runway categories. For Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

The success of these projects is primarily due to the technical capacity, rigor and excellence of execution demonstrated by Groundforce Portugal teams, thus reinforcing the confidence of the main airlines flying to our country and winning new customers, contributing positively. to your value chain through the travel experience provided to your passengers.

In 2018, we reinforced the growth and improvement of our financial and operating results. We achieved a historical EBITDA of 9.5 million euros, an increase of 11.1% over the previous year. This value is even more relevant in a year in which we simultaneously improved punctuality and delivery times.

It should be noted that the annual passenger volume at Lisbon Airport reached a record 29 million, coming from 132 destinations, which requires enormous flexibility and resilience from our people, our operational management and the operational management of the airport itself. .

In this challenging context, Groundforce Portugal's performance makes us proud and proves our ability to adapt to new and even more demanding situations, which positions us with advantage in the future of an industry that will undergo profound evolution in the near future, particularly in a 5.0 society, which seeks to place human beings at the center of innovation and technological change.

Groundforce will be no exception, so we undertook a thorough overhaul of our process reengineering, especially in terms of technology and innovation, with the aim of delivering an ever-better service that is more in line with the advancement of our customers.

This path can only be trod on with the commitment of a great team to generate a unique value chain that begins with us and extends to all stakeholders within their own internal revolutions and as a reflection of the paradigm shift. positively pressuring us to generate this responsiveness.

Groundforce Portugal is stronger to meet the challenges of the future, with peace of mind, but aware and prepared for the scale of the work we must do in 2019.

The dedication and commitment of all employees, along with the quality of service, will be the fundamental ingredients to face the future with serenity and conscious of the work that we still have to carry out.

Paulo Neto Leite, Groundforce Portugal's Chief Executive Officer

We are a reliable company that provides its Clients with an excellent service. That is why we are industry leaders.

We believe that keeping our business relies on environmental and social sustainability and that our greater assets are our People and clients.

  • Our vision

    To be a reliable company that adds value and security conditions for all Stakeholders in a sustainable way.

  • Our mission

    That each Passenger believes that the excellence of their flights starts or ends with the excellent service provided by Groundforce Portugal.

  • Our values

    To be honest, enjoy satisfying our clients at all times, challenge and get better in what we do, be passionate about people, act as a team, measure our success by means of sustainable gains and work for the world are our Values.

Shareholder Structure

Organization Chart


The Force of History

The history of Groundforce Portugal goes back to the beginning of civil aviation in Portugal, with the creation of the Air Transport Department on March 14th, 1945 under the responsibility of Humberto Delgado, the then Director of the Civil Aeronautics Secretariat.

This company’s journey as an independent entity started in 1982 with the autonomy of TAP’s Ground Operations Department (DOT), later named General-Directorate of Ground Operations (DGOT), in 1989, as the result of an organizational restructuring process. TAP’s Handling Division was created in the next decade, in 1992, as a consequence of a strategy for expansion and provision of services to third parties. The stops LIS, OPO, FAO and FNC stood out.

The split of the handling business unit was approved by TAP SGPS and TAP SA in April 2003, and a new company named SPdH – Serviços Portugueses de Handling was then created, succeeding TAP in ground operations.

SPdH – Serviços Portugueses de Handling, S.A. started its operation on October 1st, 2003, consolidating its position as a key unit in the field of civil aviation in Portugal, namely due to the quality of the services provided to TAP Portugal and main airlines flying to Portuguese airports.

Also in 2003, SPdH and Portugália Airlines entered into an agreement by means of which the second largest Portuguese airline ensured a stake of 6% in the capital of SPdH – Serviços Portugueses de Handling, S.A.. This partnership allowed to maximize the company’s growth potential in the Portuguese market and initiate the internationalization process.

Meanwhile, the process for the privatization of SPdH was initiated by selling 50.1% of its capital, via International Tender, allowing the entry of the shareholder structure to the Globália Group

With the new shareholder structure and as a consequence of TAP’s history, Portugália’s dynamism and Globália’s dimension, the new company brand – Groundforce Portugal – was born in 2005.

In 2006, Groundforce Portugal growth process was continued with equipment and processes modernization, by keeping its focus on human resources and with the completion of projects related to the improvement of labour conditions.

In March 2008, a Consortium with three banks (BIG, Banif and Invest) purchased Globália, in the scope of a strategy of Customer Service Improvement and satisfaction of all Stakeholders.

In 2012, the Competition Authority approved the signing of the agreement of principle entered into between TAP and PASOGAL with the purchase of 50.1%, giving rise to a company transformation process focused on sustainability in the perspective of its main shareholders, employees, clients and suppliers. This transformation aimed at creating all required growth and development conditions, in order to keep Groundforce as a leader company in Portugal in the field of passenger, Baggage and cargo airport handling.

On the pursuit for Excellence based on a consistent structure of key processes, Groundforce aims at being a modern, future company, by contributing for sustainable growth on a daily basis.


For Groundforce Portugal, Quality means

Providing services at the right time, in the right place, for fully satisfying clients' needs and expectations;

Permanently improving service quality and Client satisfaction by maximizing process efficiency;

Complying with all quality standards agreed with the clients. Our standards are permanently monitored with the goal of providing information for system review and Quality targets.



Safety is always first!

Safety is a process that aims at promoting a fair, positive security culture, therefore ensuring that all players are aware that, at their levels and in their daily activities, they are the key for the good development and security practices, that way contributing to process improvement and effectiveness.

Groundforce Portugal relies on a well-established risk control system – “Safety Management System”, based on the following documents:

  • - Risk Assessment Manual
  • - Personal Protective Equipment Manual
  • - Safety and Emergency Response Manual
  • - Safety, Health and Environment Manual

By communicating and disseminating Safety practices, we ensure procedure application and a conduct level, aiming at contributing and promoting the permanent improvement of all activities.

All procedures are coordinated daily with the airlines and airport entities in order to ensure that all safety procedures are complied with to guarantee aircraft secure operation.

Groundforce Portugal is committed to providing the highest safety standards to passengers, employees and suppliers of all airports and facilities in which it operates, by promoting a culture where people are informed, clarified and are aware of the dangers and risks inherent to their actuation areas, and encouraging them to identify threats to their own security, and to participate in finding solutions.

Effective safety procedures are permanently assessed in order to improve all processes capable of providing the best safety services.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Ethics reflects the will of pursuing continuous improvement of a Company that, in the structuring principles of its operation, undertakes to respect its workers’ rights, defend and preserve the environment, keep transparent relations with the exterior and contribute to the satisfaction of all Stakeholders – Shareholders, Workers, Clintes, Suppliers and Community.




Our clients and other independent entities have granted us with the following awards:

Awards 2018

"Transportes e Negócios" Magazine - Cargo Awards 2018

Groundforce Portugal - Best Handling Agent

Delta Airlines 2018

Lisbon - Station of the Year  

British Airways, 2018

Funchal - Best Performance ARTG - Punctuality for Portugal, Mediterranean Region and South America

British Airways, 2018

Funchal - Best Customer Service for Portugal, Mediterranean Region and South America

Tui Group, 2018

Porto Santo - Recognition Award - Excellent Customer Service

Tui Group, 2018

Porto Santo - Recognition Award - Excellent Ontime Performance

Awards ... - 2017

HR Portugal / Executive Digest / INDEG-ISCTE, 2016

“Excellence List 2016" - Large Companies  (> 1000 employees)


Funchal - “Most Punctual Station of the Month / October 2016

Air Nostrum 2016

Porto - “Station of the Year 2016”, 5th time in a row

Air Nostrum, 2015

Porto - “Station of the Year 2016”, 4th time in a row

"Transportes e Negócios" Magazine - Cargo Awards 2015

Groundforce Portugal - Best Handling Agent

Thomson Airways, 2015

Porto Santo - Excellence Award / Customer Service

Air Nostrum, 2014

Porto - “Station of the Year 2014”, 3rd time in a row

Ground Handling International, 2014

Ramp Safety Award, Europe

Exame Magazine, 2015

3rd Best Large Company to Work (>1000 workers)