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GSE Maintenance

Groundforce GSE - GSE Management and  Engineering Services operates in four Portuguese airports where it maintains and assists a fleet with more than 2700 units.

We offer a top-quality service to our clients, providing them with all equipment needed to respond to operation requirements. Our daily concerns focus on mitigating inoperability times, increasing performance and creating effective information so the operational management can select the best solution. As this is an area that has aggregated all ground shops, we are able to provide an integrated service that includes the several aspects of this reality, in order to make effective, safe, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly equipment.

We are a service certified in ISO 9001 and ISAGO IATA 145 standards.



GSE Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance defined by suppliers
  • Modifications suggested by suppliers
  • Equipment optimization works
  • Compliance with Decree-Law 50/2005
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Our corrective maintenance is made in all Ground Support Equipment (GSE) found to be defective between preventive maintenance actions.
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  • Spares and used GSE sales
  • We have a stock of new spares with zero use that can be used in service equipment.
  • We keep a used GSE fleet that can be reused.

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