Social Liability and Citizenship

On the reinforcement of the multiplicity of its action in the Social context, it is worth to mention the adherence of Groundforce Portugal to the Portuguese Diversity Letter and the relational dynamics with GRACE (the largest Portuguese association for Corporate Social Liability) by participating in several initiatives, namely workgroups, corporate volunteering, thematic conferences, lectures and workshops in universities, among others, with students and teachers.

Lastly, due to its specific know-how that confirms company prestige outside the airport universe, Groundforce Portugal has a seat in ANQEP (Sectorial Council for Transportation and Logistics) and CT 190 (Technical Committee for Aviation, Space and Defence), in the quality of Technical Experts. Groundforce Portugal, via some of its experts, has also been invited to participate in panels of speakers in university events, or as mentors to graduate students and recent graduates.


GRACE - Group of Reflection and Support for Corporate Citizenship

Groundforce Portugal is part of the largest Portuguese association for Corporate Social Liability

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