Ramp and Baggage

Assisting an aircraft at its arrival and prepare it to take-off again – the rotation of a flight, - is an extremely complex process that demands a thorough, timed execution of several overlapped tasks, where time is of essence to comply with the demanding schedules of our airline clients.

We are aware that time and performance are important so that our clients can comply with their schedules and therefore ensure their clients are travelling with them again. In a dynamic airport atmosphere where new challenges arise at each moment our Employees are experienced and flexible in predicting and eliminating factors that may potentially cause delays.

At Groundforce Portugal we have set the highest efficiency and safety standards in providing these services, by transporting passengers, Baggage and cargo from and to the airplanes in a coordinated way, while we simultaneously and accurately respond to a wide variety of technical and mechanical aspects.

We rely on a modern, diversified vehicle fleet ready to serve several types of aircrafts. All equipment is checked regularly according to a preventive maintenance chart to ensure reliability and safety for all materials supporting your flight ramp operations.

Teams are highly trained in order to comply with all safety standards of this industry, therefore creating a safe work environment in which all potential risks are eliminated to ensure people and aircraft protection. We are certified by ISAGO since 2008 in Lisbon, Porto and Funchal stops, and this benchmark is renewed every year.

In short, we are fully focused on delivering an excellent service from landing to take-off.


General Pricelist


  • Baggage loading and unloading
  • Aircraft pushback and repositioning in the runway
  • Ground Power Unit
  • Airplane cleaning
  • Crew transportation
  • Drinking water and waste
  • Equipment Engineering and Management
  • Supervision
  • Airport Representation

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